ogo design is a great starting point for a new business to build a brand image. Designing or refreshing your brand identity should be carefully planned and may include research, some experimentation, and a lot of refinement. It’s a great first step towards launching a new business or for creating a whole new image for your company.

Our services may include research to understand your company and customers, illustration and graphic design, and typography and color selection to create the ideal logo design to represent your company. We will provide a complete logo design package for use in color, black and white; in print and for online media to meet all your branding and marketing needs.




The color choice of your brand conveys more than you think. Colors are associated with emotions and, therefore, the color you select can evoke different emotions in your customers. What does color say about your brand; does it denote optimism or trustworthiness?


Many of the world’s leading brands are iconic, literally. Think of Apple, Nike, AT&T, Shell, and Target. Your brand may be well suited to an icon that can represent your company name and symbolize your brand identity when it stands alone.


Typography is an important consideration for creating brand identity. We identify and associated with many brands by the typeface they use for their company name. Do you want it to be formal or casual, serif or sans-serif, transitional or modern?