roduct marketing is an entirely new field which includes dynamically distributing your product inventory across multiple webstores and shopping search engines while keeping all your product inventory in sync. In some cases, it can include selling in online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy or running targeted advertising campaigns showcasing your product inventory to a group of potential customers.

Our team facilitates your product inventory feed to guarantee your products are included in eCommerce marketplaces, shopping search engines, and your own online store all while keeping your inventory counts synchronized. We manage it all for you by integrating your webstore with shopping feed management software. We also plan and manage targeted advertising campaigns on major social networks and media sites.




Google Shopping is the largest comparison shopping engine on the web. Other frontrunners include Pricegrabber, NextTag, and Shopping.com. We will take your product inventory data and distribute it to top shopping engines for greater reach and visibility of your product catalog along with establishing a calculated approach to increasing inbound links to your webstore.


Selling on the Amazon Marketplace and other online marketplaces is a great way to access millions of consumers and present your available products on the world’s largest shopping sites. For many small online sellers, Amazon offers a number of benefits from massive web traffic to fulfillment services and targeted marketing solutions. These marketplaces help you sell more products.


There are now a number of ways to reach shoppers with product advertising. Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Pinterest all offer different options related to product advertising. eCommerce advertising is diving into search engines and social media networks allowing for entirely new ways to advertise products in a targeted way. These ads help showcase your product catalog to the right shoppers.