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4 Reasons To Invest in Improving Site Speed

What happens the moment a visitor lands on your website? Do they wait until the page loads? Or, does the page they’re looking for display automatically? If you’re making your users wait, then you’re doing them a huge disservice.

If your site doesn’t load quickly, they might even hit the back button and visit one of your competitors instead. Having a speedy website is becoming a necessary ingredient for your website’s success.

Below we dive into four reasons it’s a good idea to invest time and energy into improving your site’s loading speed. Your business might depend on it.  In fact, site speed is becoming so important that Google just released their own mobile site speed tool. If you want your business to be a long-term success, it’s always a good idea to think with Google.

1. Site Speed is a Ranking Factor

If you want your site to rank, it’s going to need to load fast. Site loading speed is a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm, which means it’s just one of many factors they take into consideration when deciding how high your site should rank in the search results.

It’s always a good idea to optimize for as many of these factors as you can as possible. Of course, there will be some factors you can’t as easily control, so why not stack the deck in your favor?

Optimizing your site to load quickly might take a little less time than you think.

2. People Expect Your Site to Load Quickly

Today’s web users expect your site to load quickly. Make them wait, and they’ll get annoyed and hit the back button to find one of your competitors. Having a slow loading site is one of the quickest ways to lose business.

Website users expect a website to load in under 3 seconds, so make sure your site hits this mark.

If you depend on your website to send you new leads, then it’s smart to do everything in your power to provide a good experience to your visitors.

3. Fast Sites Improve Conversions

The faster your site loads then the higher your conversions will be. A recent study has found that something as small as a 2-second improvement in page load time can more than double your conversions.

It’s easy to see why this occurs. When your site loads quickly this pleases your user, thus they’re more likely to stick around and see what you have to offer. This is all a part of creating the best possible user experience. 

4. Slow Sites Can Lead to a Negative Reputation

When it comes to doing business, your reputation means a lot. Did you know that having a slow loading site can actually have a negative impact on your business reputation? When you have a site that loads slowly, this will create a negative experience for your user.

A recent study has found that 44% of online shoppers will tell their friends about a bad online experience. This means your slow loading speed not only affects current visitors, but potential customers as well.

By taking the above reasons to heart, you can see how important site speed is to the future of your business. Looking for a professional to help with your website optimization efforts? Get in touch with our team today.

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Site Speed, Web Performance Optimization, web solutions

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