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Rank Well in Google with a Downtown Main Street SEO Program

Did you know that approximately 91% of individuals searching on Google never look beyond the first page of results? Studies also show that the top organic search result receives 33% of that traffic! It’s pretty clear how important it is to have your website show up in Google’s top search results, but how do you do this? The answer is with a proper downtown main street SEO program! Here are five important tips on how you can get there.

  1. Start with Structure
    Let's start at the beginning. Yes, good site design creates a great user experience, but did you also know that it will enhance SEO? The better your site structure, the higher chance you have of ranking with search engines. Good site design leads to longer on page times and lower bounce rates; helps to create sitelinks which are a big SEO advantage, and finally, strong site structure means better crawling of your site.

  2. Content: The Meat and Potatoes
    Page content is the true meat of every web page. Google’s goal? Make sure your content is relevant to the search results it displays. This means you have to make sure you use the right keywords. Google will take note of these keywords and consider them when ranking the relevancy of your web page. But be careful! There is such a thing as keyword overload. If you stuff your content with too many keywords with the intent of ranking higher, it will degrade the quality of your content. Find the right mix between quality content and quantity of keywords. One other rule of thumb? Google is looking for fresh content written for people, not machines. Be sure to balance out the use of keywords with conversational content.

  3. That Photo IS Worth a Thousand Words
    Images can be a quick and easy way to liven up a dull web page, bringing a little life to your website. When done properly, images can also benefit your web page’s Google ranking. One trick is to make sure the image’s file name contains the primary keyword. For example, if you have an image you want to use, rather than naming the file DTMS1234.jpg, name it Downtown-Main-Street.jpg before uploading it to your web page. It’s also important to scale the image down. Images that are too large can cause your web page to have a slower load time, which increases bounce rate.

  4. Don't Forget Mobile
    It's a mobile world and we are just living in it right? Well there are some ways we can use a mobile responsive site to our SEO advantage. Ensuring your site is mobile responsive makes your visitors happy, decreases bounce rates and increases sessions. But did you know that Google wants to make sure people are happy too? So if your site is mobile responsive and visitors can get the info they need easily and quickly, Google will favor your site when it comes to SEO rankings. Also it’s important to consider accelerated mobile pages (AMP). By standardizing a mobile version of your site with AMP, you will increase the loading times of your site while people are on out and about.

  5. The Need for Speed
    Speaking of fast load times, speed is definitely a factor with Google, and is one of the criteria Google uses in its algorithm. Speed is tied to user experience, time spent on site and bounce rates, so it's easy to see why Google places a lot of value on the need for speed. Some tips to speed up your site include: enable compression, reduce redirects, leverage browser caching, and improve server response time.

SEO is an ongoing process with important steps right from the beginning that should not be overlooked. From the moment your site is being developed, through an ongoing keyword and SEO optimization plan, SEO is a tactic that is crucial to the success of your downtown main street marketing program. Want to receive a free SEO Audit? Email!

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Search Engine Optimization, Downtown Main Street

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