Citrus Town Center



Citrus Town Center, a neighborhood shopping center in Citrus Heights, California, needed help increasing foot traffic and creating awareness of their location and stores. They had tried traditional advertising but felt it wasn’t reaching their target audience and wasn’t timely enough to influence shoppers to actually visit the shopping center.


ClickSpring created a mobile advertising campaign strategy, which provided real-time targeting of people in close proximity to the shopping center. These ads reached users on their mobile devices who were within 3 miles of the center with captivating images and text about the stores nearby. The ads linked to a landing page on the Citrus Town Center website that featured store promotions within the shopping center. We paired this advertising strategy with an active and robust social media presence for Citrus Town Center across multiple social networks.


Through a highly targeted mobile advertising campaign and robust social media presence, ClickSpring was able to drive more foot traffic to the shopping center and more traffic to their website. Citrus Town Center was able to capture shoppers when they were near the center, averaging 938,987 ad views per month. They also averaged an extremely low cost per click of 15¢ per click, with an industry high click through rate of .53%.

F reedom Bag has been working with ClickSpring for a little over six months and could not be happier! The ClickSpring team is: creative, responsive and thorough. Geoff & Stephanie have listened to our ideas and really tried to understand and address our goals, needs and vision for the future. Thank you for doing so much to assist us in revitalizing our company and promoting our renaissance into the world of online shopping!


Freedom Bag

DeAnna Roegner, Creator & Owner, Freedom Bag

H highly recommend ClickSpring. Their program made an immediate impact on our online reputation. We now have dozens of positive reviews from our customers on Yelp and other review sites. This has helped us earn new business and gain the trust of potential customers.


Caltronics Business Systems

Tony Riehl, Vice President, Caltronics Business Systems

W orking with ClickSpring has been a great experience. Their team is incredibly responsive and fast, and they do a phenomenal job of understanding and responding to our needs.


Jeffrey Demure + Associates

Chelsea Richardson, Associate, Jeffrey Demure + Associates

T he team at ClickSpring was wonderful to work with when we needed their services for Facebook advertising. They were always prompt with reporting and ensured that we were being as efficient as possible with the allocated budget for each project. We would definitely work with ClickSpring again for this and many other services they offer.


The Honey Agency

Meghan Phillips, Co-founder, The Honey Agency